Inside Out: Navigating Innovation in Intracellular Drug Delivery – Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies

Dive deep into the realm of intracellular drug delivery innovation during this interactive workshop. Collaborate with SMEs, academics, and industry leaders to explore the challenges, opportunities, and future prospects in this dynamic field. Gain insights into current public infrastructure supporting technology and drug development while networking with fellow professionals. 

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About the event

This workshop focusing on new innovation in intracellular drug delivery will take place on the 14 May at 10am-12am. This workshop will bring together SMEs, academics and other organisations working in the intracellular drug delivery space to understand what the barriers and opportunities in this space are and what is required to help the sector grow. 

What we aim to achieve

We aim to understand the breadth of innovative technologies being developed in the UK and identify those which have potential to address current clinical and commercial challenges. We hope the workshop will help us to understand the landscape in the UK, and what further interventions in terms of policy, funding, support, and infrastructure are required to help the sector grow and accelerate new products to market.

Who should attend?

Anyone in our transforming medicines manufacturing community of practice and beyond who is involved in intracellular drug delivery (including, but not limited to existing technologies, new technologies, non-viral approaches including lipid and polymer delivery systems and drug developers with unmet needs in intracellular drug delivery for example).

We welcome participants from organisations of any size, as well as academia and more.

  • SMEs
  • Innovators
  • Innovate UK TMM COP members
  • Academics
  • Large Pharma
  • Venture Capitalists/Funders
  • Regulators
  • Catapults

Why attend?

  • Ensure that the barriers and challenges that you as an individual or organization are facing are considered in future funding and policy decisions.
  • Get an enhanced understanding of the current intracellular drug delivery landscape and current unmet needs and opportunities.
  • Hear from others working in the space.
  • Get an understanding of current public infrastructure that can support your technology or drug development. 

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