What Makes NI Different

Although Northern Ireland is part of the UK the health service has been administratively integrated with social services since 1973.

In England, Scotland and Wales, the National Health Service (NHS) provides health care services while local councils provide social care services. In Northern Ireland these services are combined under what is known as Health and Social Care (HSC). Like the NHS the service is free at the point of delivery.

Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland

The Department of Health has overall responsibility for health and social care service. In terms of commissioning and providing services, the Department of Health discharges this duty to the Public Health Agency and a number of other Health and Social Care (HSC) bodies including five trusts (plus the NI regional Ambulance Trust).

Trusts are the main providers of health and social care services to the public, as commissioned by the regional Health and Social Care Board. Each Trust manages its own staff and services and controls its own budget.

This coupled with our size, unique position between two markets and connectivity, means Northern Ireland punches well above its weight. This wealth of expertise is combined in a service-based value proposition which demonstrates how, through our unique network of businesses and academic institutes, we provide a “safe pair of hands” along the supply chain for biotech.

We work collectively to supply a suite of services that could be targeted at distinct customer segments to co-develop digital and in-vitro diagnostics. This is exemplified by unique, cutting edge SMEs and research projects with global industry.

Health and Life Sciences Launchpad

Northern Ireland has won the £7.5 million 2023/2024 Health and Life Sciences Launchpad bid, led by HIRANI, with the impact to grow health and life sciences in NI and act as a bridge for collaboration for those outside NI who wish to partner here.

NI has just launched a new digital care record system called encompass.

encompass is a Health and Social Care programme that will create a single digital care record for every citizen in Northern Ireland who receives health and social care. encompass aims to provide patients and service users with the safest, highest quality of care that is possible.

encompass will be in use across all Health and Social Care Trusts  in Northern Ireland to create better experiences for patients, service users and staff.

encompass will give patients and service users the ability to view and update their health information online wherever and whenever they like. It will also make it easier for Health and Social Care staff to view important information about their patients and service users both in a clinical setting and while working in the community.

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