January Community Event – Pivot to Propel

There is nothing like a New Year to think about your company’s fundamental value proposition and how startups often need to pivot, not only to survive, but to propel and to thrive.

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It’s more common that you might think that early-stage start-up ideas end up on the cutting room floor and major pivots happen when real opportunity, need or demand dictates. In truth the more successful founders will embrace this and see it as part of the process. Iterate, iterate and then leap into the big pivots.

Join us on 23 January when AwakenHub Co-founder Mary McKenna will talk to Joann Rhodes, Chief Executive at Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland and Sarah Irwin, Founder of Irish Tech General Counsel to share insights into

  • Value Proposition and how it drives your business forward -How do you know when it’s time to pivot? – Using a pivot to drive the growth of your startup
  • What are the mechanics of redirecting your startup?
  • How to bring your team / investors / vested interests on the journey with you?
  • The pleasure-pain principle of making the hard choices (or sometimes just obvious and not so hard choices) to ultimately build a viable and successful startup
  • What successful pivots look like.

There will of course be an opportunity to meet fellow founders in our legendary breakout rooms. RSVP now and have your notebook at the ready.

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