3 key questions to evaluate AI investment opportunities in healthcare

Catherine and Ankur are industry leaders with extensive experience in healthcare and technology. Catherine has spent nearly a decade in the health sector in England, holding executive roles, leading multidisciplinary teams, and advising digital health companies on partnering with the NHS. Ankur, founder and CEO of Hop Labs, specialises in machine learning for healthcare, life sciences, and other industries, providing data-driven solutions to top-tier clients.

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Why Attend? 

1. Context Investment trends in AI in healthcare. 

2.  What part of your investment’s AI lifecycle is defensible? In a world of open datasets, open source, and published research, where can you build a defensible moat? Which investments will help you differentiate competitively?

3.  How does generative AI influence your investment strategy? The dynamics of GenAI models have changed how valuable data is and how critical computational capacity is. There are new winners and losers – you need to know how to spot them. More interestingly, there are entirely new classes of opportunities.

4.   Assessing Leadership Capability in the AI team — what are the key roles in an AI team, what order should a company with growth potential have hired them in and how can you assess key talent gaps?

5. Where next? What breakthroughs seem imminent? What to look out for in 2024.

Who Should Attend? 

Investors with an interest in AI in healthcare 

Innovative companies deploying AI and seeking investment in 2024 

Advisers working with investors and companies seeking funding 

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