From Concept to Cure: Empowering Startups in Oncology Innovation

Navigating the development of new oncology solutions is a daunting challenge for startups, given the diverse nature of this selection of diseases, fierce competition in targets and approaches, and the stringent regulatory landscape. Incubation and strategic collaborations might prove valuable avenues to overcome these hurdles and carve a distinctive path in this competitive arena. These collaborations may provide access to specialized expertise and resources to fast-track their innovations..

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Join this Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS symposium, designed to empower oncology startups in tackling critical challenges, including:

Proof-of-concept: It is essential to irrefutably correlate the efficacy of the asset with cellular responses and prove superior specificity in vivo. Approaches and associated challenges will differ significantly between small and large molecule approaches.

Clinical Trial Complexities: Startups encounter hurdles in conducting oncology drug trials for efficacy, toxicity, and safety, from recruiting patients to designing and executing trials. Accessing clinical samples or datasets and managing extensive trial data present additional obstacles.

Competition: The oncology space is fiercely competitive, making it challenging for startups to capture the attention of potential strategic collaborators. Platform companies face the additional dilemma of selecting optimal targets and indications for proof-of-concept.

During the symposium speakers from both inside and outside Johnson & Johnson will share how they’ve addressed these challenges, and how startups might access the expertise and resources to do so.

The program includes a deep-dive into JLABS, part of the J&J Innovation collaboration model, providing early-stage innovators with access to expertise and resources, without requiring equity, rights or IP, and on the basis of non-confidential information. Additionally, we have invited experienced entrepreneurs to share their experiences in collaborating with J&J through dedicated case studies.

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