NAMs Network launch event

The NAMs Network is open to stakeholders from all sectors and at all career levels. The purpose of the Network is to encourage and support conversations and collaborations across sectors in new approach methodologies.

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The launch event will be chaired by Professor Ian Kimber (University of Manchester) and include the following sessions and presentations:  

Session 1: Welcome and overview of the NAMs landscape.
Invited presentations from Ruth Roberts (Birmingham University, ApconiX) and Carl Westmoreland (Unilever). 

Session 2: Taking NAMs from development to application.  

Session 3: CRACK IT as a mechanism to accelerate the development and uptake of NAMs.

Session 4: Working together to accelerate the adoption of NAMs.  

Session 5: Changing the way we think about safety assessment.
Invited presentation from Camilla Alexander-White (MKTox).   

The final agenda will be confirmed in March. There will be opportunities to discuss NAMs opportunities and showcase new technologies, including networking sessions, flash talks and poster presentations. The event is free to attend, but registration is essential.

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