Every Heartbeat is Unique

HIRANI Every Heartbeat is unique

Founded in Belfast, the genesis of B-Secur came about from various studies which concluded that everyone’s heartbeat is unique.

Co-founder and CTO, Adrian Condon explains: “We spent a number of years immersed in deep scientific research to enable ECG (Electrocardiogram) biometric security which then led us on a journey to not only develop ECG authentication but also enable ultra-accurate heart health technology solutions that drive better health outcomes for future generations.

In 2020 and 2022 we launched HeartKey® 1.0 and HeartKey® 2.0 respectively, products that are a suite of powerful ECG algorithms and analytics providing breakthrough levels of medical accuracy and efficiency through enhanced signal clarity as well as delivering FDA-cleared health analytics with actionable wellness insights. 

The ECG signal monitoring for both medical and consumer applications can be implemented to run on device or via the cloud. The HeartKey® products allow B-Secur to partner with world-leading technology companies, reducing time to market for next generation medical and consumer devices and platforms,”

B-Secur is headquartered in Belfast but operates globally. “With access to a very strong tech talent pool, it has proven a great place to grow our business and the region now enjoys an international reputation as one of the fastest growing tech sectors in the UK.

For example, two of the city’s universities, Queen’s University, Belfast and Ulster University, have established comprehensive academic programs for all aspects of tech-focused businesses. Students are graduating with impressive technical and management skills and the quality of our people is, of course, what ultimately makes us successful!

Another welcome aspect to being based in Belfast is the amount of business support the tech ecosystem here receives – B-Secur has been well supported by the likes of Invest NI, Catalyst and of course HIRANI where the teams support in our growth has been invaluable.”

B-Secur provide HeartKey® software products to leading consumer and medical companies. The products are a range of biosensing software algorithms and analytics that customers can implement in their devices and platforms. Clients include well known consumer and medical brands that leverage our ongoing innovation to improve their accuracy, features and time to market. 

In addition to software provision, B-Secur also support certain customers on their sensor technology via their Advanced Biosensing Engineering Laboratory (ABEL) where they work on next generation body sensing technologies enabling smartwatches, holters, patches and even smart clothing.

“Innovation is part of our DNA, and we have a world class team delivering it to our customers. We have established a culture where innovation is promoted, encouraged and rewarded and we provide our teams the space and time to let ideas formulate and then deliver. In addition, we have various strategic partnerships where we get access to partner company roadmaps that in turn have an influence on our next generation of biosensing algorithm solutions. 

“We have some new biosensing technology in development that is showing extremely positive results to further help in the early detection of cardiovascular disease which we are very excited about! This coupled with strong commercial growth in the US and other regions is keeping our team very busy,” said Adrian who is responsible for leading technology development and delivery, driving company strategy and supporting the commercial ambitions of B-Secur.

“I’m honoured to lead a team of world-class scientists and engineers who are all passionate about developing transformational and scalable technology that can support personalised and preventative healthcare.

All of us know – or know of – someone that has been affected by cardiovascular disease, the biggest killer in the world, so to be able to work with very talented people in scalable solutions that are saving and improving lives is hugely rewarding.”

For more information go to: www.b-secur.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/b-secur/

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