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With over 7,000 diabetic patients in the UK alone requiring amputations due to poor foot care and similar rates worldwide, NI company Raidmed recognized the urgent need for a solution. 

Raidmed works to enable early detection of foot inflammations and prevent 80% of diabetic lower limb amputations.

CEO, David Branagh tells us that Raidmed, founded in January 2022, began with a passion for engineering solutions in healthcare. 

“My background covers both engineering and business administration, and I spent a decade leading the development of FDA Class two wearable medical devices and three years as the Centre Director of the Northern Ireland Connected Health Innovation Centre, gaining invaluable insights into connected health innovations,” said David.

The company’s flagship offer is an ‘internet-of-things at-home’ daily foot monitoring system. This system includes thermal sensors that individuals living with diabetes can use to monitor their foot temperature daily. AI-driven advanced analysis of this data enables early detection of foot inflammations, even before the skin is broken. When potential issues are detected, notifications are sent to healthcare clinicians, facilitating timely interventions. 

“Our innovative solutions empower patients, reduces healthcare costs, and make a significant impact in the field of healthcare.”

“I do what I do because I believe in the power of technology to transform healthcare and improve the lives of people living with diabetes. My combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and a genuine desire to make a difference help drive Raidmed forward.”

When asked if Northern Ireland was a good place to start a company, David said: “Northern Ireland has proven to be an excellent location for our operations offering access to top talent, a supportive business environment, a commitment to connected health innovation. The region is also a strategic location for market access, and cost-effective operations. These factors have significantly contributed to our ability to develop innovative solutions for diabetic footcare and work toward our goal of preventing lower limb amputations.” 

And some advice for starting a health and life sciences business? “Embrace Unexpected Opportunities – keep an open mind, stay adaptable, and be ready to seize unexpected moments that can propel your mission forward. And on a personal note, as someone who enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors, I have found that taking time to connect with nature and recharge is essential, especially when working in a high-paced industry like healthcare technology. It is a simple reminder that balance in life can fuel creativity and innovation. “

Find Raidmed on their website, and on LinkedIn, 

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