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NI company Axial3D, a leader in medical segmentation and 3D solutions, and GE HealthCare, a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding aimed at bridging the gap between MRI images and 3D patient-specific outputs.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the field of medical imaging and visualization, with the goal of offering healthcare professionals insight into patient anatomy and paving the way for clinicians to offer more precise diagnoses and treatment planning.

Today, 3D printing for orthopedic applications often relies on CT imaging, which exposes the patient to ionizing radiation. The parties’ goal is that combination of GE HealthCare’s unique MRI-based oZTEo bone imaging application with Axial3D’s FDA-cleared imaging segmentation platform will enable radiation-free 3D visualizations and 3D printing of patient-specific anatomical models. This collaboration is aimed at reducing the need for up-front investments in 3D printing equipment, software, and personnel.

3D printing aids in surgical planning, enabling physicians to determine the proper size of orthopedic implants and the angle of the surgical approach. Additionally, it helps physicians to gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s unique condition and anatomical characteristics, enhancing their ability to plan and execute surgeries with precision. Ultimately, this may reduce time spent in the operating room.

Daniel Crawford, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Axial3D, said, “We are beyond excited to be collaborating with GE HealthCare on an endeavor that has the potential to transform orthopedic care. Collaborating with GE HealthCare allows us to forge a path where, in the long run, 3D patient-specific outputs may become standard, offering customers advanced solutions for MRI imaging aimed at enhancing clinical decisions and patient care.”

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