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Based in Belfast, Neurovalens is a health-tech company that specialises in combining neuroscience and technology to tackle a range of global health challenges.

Neurovalens brings pioneering groundbreaking technology in the field of non-invasive neurostimulation. The non-invasive home-use wearable headset is an easy-to-use, drug-free and cost-effective alternative to treat neurological and mental health conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and depression. 

The inspiration for Neurovalens was found in the neurosurgery operating theatre when managing patients with implanted deep brain stimulators that are very expensive and have significant risks associated with the surgery. “Our idea was to innovate that technology to make it entirely non-invasive.” Neurovalens innovation is driven by their motivation to make lives better. “We recognise the suffering of those around us and we have taken action to help. Not only does our technology offer a patient-centred alternative to traditional treatments with potentially nasty side effects, but it is also a much more cost-effective solution for healthcare professionals and insurers.”

Neurovalens is based in Belfast, UK but originates from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The first device prototype was created in a lab and then Neurovalens was set up to develop and commercialise the technology. One of the reasons why we chose to set up in Northern Ireland was the collaboration and support from Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast and Invest Northern Ireland. With graduates coming out of both local universities, we have access to incredible talent right on our doorstep.

Dr Jason McKeown, CEO of Neurovalens, said: “Having the Modius Sleep technology as a certified medical device for the treatment of chronic insomnia is a landmark step for the company as we focus on future growth in the US market. Most other products on the market measure symptoms of insomnia, but Modius Sleep is a non-invasive device that actually treats the underlying issue, improving the lives of our patients.

“We believe that the low risk, non-invasive therapeutic intervention offered by Neurovalens technology will be truly transformative for a range of serious medical conditions and, having carried out extensive clinical trials in the US and Northern Ireland, we’re really excited to be moving to this next stage.”

Exciting news for Neurovalens as they recently received FDA approval for Modius Sleep, a device that is worn at home for 30 minutes each day as a drug-free treatment for chronic insomnia. When asked if they had any exciting We are expecting our second FDA approval for a non-invasive treatment for Anxiety in Q1 of 2024, and we’re actively working on a solution for treating PTSD and Depression.

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